My Introduction

Welcome to my Gamma World Home Page. This web site is dedicated to the Gamma World game originally produced by TSR, Inc. The game I played back in the day, I cannot believe it was over a quarter century ago, was prinicipally the 2nd edition. Coming from a Dungeons & Dragons background, I found the rules similar enough that the group I Game Mastered started playing as soon as we picked up the rules. We loved the campaign setting, the exotic futuristic weapons along with conventional, the mixture of mutant powers with technological and medieval, it was the best of the sci-fi fantasy genre (at least in my opinion). There were draw backs compared to other RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons such as no means for effective character development, but for just exploring a post-apocolyptic world populated by strange creatures, robots, and war lords was exciting enough.

I purchased the Third Edition and found the mechanics of the game a little less weildly, though I spent time developing characters just for the heck of it. Unfortunately, the group I managed never really played with these rules. The next edition seemed to try and capture some of the magic of the earlier editions but it just never seemed to pick up the following of the earlier games. Honestly, I am aware of later editions as well but really haven't had the time to invest looking into them. I hope to eventually look into these.

The Point of It

My desire is two fold. First, to create a website that people will find interesting and helpful (or at least nostalgic) when it comes to the Gamma World game. Second, I want to combine my old love of the game with my programming skills to produce some web apps that people can use if they wish to generate a Gamma World character. To this end my first project is to create a character generation program that allows users to create their own characters based on the 2nd edition rules. To this end I am working on creating a database schema and online forms to enter the information to capture the general mechanics of the game. Once this is done then it is only a matter of creating a character generation form. The plan is to use html forms, php, javascript (and eventually some AJAX functionality) to allow users to fully create a character ready to begin adventuring in the Gamma World. The 2nd edition mechanics of character generation are pretty simple so this is where I will begin. Eventually I am thinking about expanding it to other editions as well, but I want to start with what I know.

I would like to create a forum where others could suggest new mutations, equipment, monsters, etc.. for the Gamma World game. I think it is individual creativity that makes these games so cool. Sure it is nice to pick up a game and begin playing out of the box. But real gamers know the excitement of dealing with the unknown that an imaginative Game Master can throw at them.

I hope you find this web site useful or at least somewhat interesting. Feel free to contact me if you have suggestions, ideas, or comments about the site or the game.

The Knotty-Professor.